Solving Antimicrobial Resistance by Initiating an Immune Response Against Pathogenic Bacteria

There’s an old saying about death by a thousand papercuts. But what if it just took one papercut to kill someone?

That’s silly, right? I mean, even if a papercut DID get infected, we’ve got antibiotics to clean us right up…DON’T WE?

Behind the scenes, antibiotics have enabled much of modern medicine. We use them to cure infectious diseases, but also to safely facilitate everything from surgery to chemotherapy to organ transplants. Without antibiotics, even routine medical procedures can lead to life-threatening infections.

However, what if I told you…

Exploring How Neurable Can Leverage BCIs to Fix the Criminal Justice System

The strength of our criminal justice system depends on its accuracy — its ability to convict the guilty and to clear the innocent. But we know that wrongful convictions happen. Identifying and understanding the causes of wrongful convictions is critical to maintaining the integrity of our justice system.

According to the National Institute of Justice, a conviction may be classified as wrongful for two reasons:

  1. The person convicted is factually innocent of the charges.
  2. There were procedural errors that violated the convicted person’s rights.

Bias in the Criminal…

The Wonderful World of Brain-Computer Interface

It seems so crazy that The Matrix came out two decades ago. The impact of this spectacular movie cannot be understated. Many would argue that it was and still is one of the best Science Fiction Films of all time.

It was a film EVERYONE talked about

For those of you that are unfamiliar, the Matrix is a two-decade-old, deeply philosophical film wrapped inside a highly entertaining martial art, science fiction action movie. Up to this day, fans love to theorize and discuss over it. In part because it was so far ahead of its time to begin with. Every…

Summary & Editorial Piece on National Geographic Issue, “Why We’ll Succeed in Saving the Planet from Climate Change”

Photo By Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

As humans, it is rather common to conceptualize different ways in which the world may end. From a Nuclear War to an Asteroid Collison, many of these theories are plausible. However, above every theory, climate change is viewed as one of the most prevalent potential causes of the end of the world. The diversity and severity of impacts from climate change resemble that of a dystopian fantasy book but are in fact, the clear-eyed projections of where we are heading in reality. …

If I were to tell you one year ago that classes would be taught online, millions would be out of work, and social distancing would become the new global reality — would you believe me? The COVID-19 pandemic has spread at an alarming speed, infecting millions and bringing economic activity to a near-standstill. There have been many unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, and the reality is — nothing will go back to normal until a vaccine is available.

Across the world, more than 100 COVID-19 vaccines are currently being developed. Nevertheless, there is only one company that…

From the smallest single-celled organisms to the largest creatures on Earth — every living thing is defined by its genes.

As a society, we have reached an era in which gene editing is the most efficient and effective way to engineer DNA by replacing, deleting and modifying a genome of a living organism. Nonetheless, It is extremely important that we identify some of the most accurate technologies in gene editing in order to improve the process and maximize its efficiency.

New “Prime Editing” Method Makes Only Single-Stranded DNA Cuts

Basic Knowledge

Before we get into the actual content of the article, below are a few pieces of information that you should…

Photo by Abbe Wright on Read It Forward
Photo by Abbe Wright on Read It Forward
Photo by Abbe Wright on Read It Forward


In this day and age, we are often told that we need to think big and make drastic changes in order to change our lives for the better. In Atomic Habits, James Clear proves this notion wrong by explaining how just a few small changes to our daily routines can result in major transformations. James describes how many people tend to overestimate the importance of single actions and underestimate the importance of small repetitive improvements. …

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