They are bullies, negligent parents, parasites, murderous, and steal food from babies.

Introduction of Brown-Headed Cowbird

The Brown Headed Cowbird, also known as Molothrus Ater is a member of the blackbird family. (Ecology and management of Neotropical Migratory Birds 2014)

The adult male is easily identified by his brown head and metallic green-black body…

Solving Antimicrobial Resistance by Initiating an Immune Response Against Pathogenic Bacteria

There’s an old saying about death by a thousand papercuts. But what if it just took one papercut to kill someone?

That’s silly, right? I mean, even if a papercut DID get infected, we’ve got antibiotics to clean us…

The Wonderful World of Brain-Computer Interface

It seems so crazy that The Matrix came out two decades ago. The impact of this spectacular movie cannot be understated. Many would argue that it was and still is one of the best Science Fiction Films of all time.

It was a film EVERYONE talked about

For those of…

Summary & Editorial Piece on National Geographic Issue, “Why We’ll Succeed in Saving the Planet from Climate Change”

Photo By Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

As humans, it is rather common to conceptualize different ways in which the world may end. From a Nuclear War to an Asteroid Collison, many of these theories are plausible. However, above every theory, climate change is viewed as one of the most prevalent potential causes of the end of…

Mikael Haji

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